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1) Sweet 16
Sweet 16, 18, 21, 30, 35, 39, 39, 39, 39!
A truly special event in one’s life is the passing of time!
Why not celebrate in a unique and non-traditional manner? Hats, horns, bubbly, and balloons while touring your favorite clubs and restaurants! Grab your BFFs and have fun!

2) Surprise Marriage Proposal!
We pick you and your “to be” up at the office or home! Propose at your favorite location and follow up with an awesome dinner. Then enjoy a night on the down or end the evening at an intimate local resort hotel! Make it memorable and enchanting!

3) Wedding Rehearsal Dinners!
OMG, its time to meet the in-laws and extended family members! Let’s do it with grand style. Champagne, music, balloons, horns and lots of laughter! Arrive in a stretch that the family will truly be talking about for years to come!

4) Graduation Gift!

Show up in style, cap and gown, and limo to boot! You have studied hard and now you deserve a truly grand entrance to mark the next chapter of your life. Celebrate with your loved ones; take them for a joy ride on the town!

5) Divorce Party! (Celebrate your new found Freedom!)

Ok, it’s happened, mutually and respectfully. You shared your lives and now its time to move on. Wish each other well and enter into this life-changing event with Class!

Book your limousine today and experience a day of luxury, style and comfort.. Affinity Class!